Thursday, October 24, 2013

Preschool/Pre-K {Week 7}

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Week 7 was all about the 10 plagues of Egypt. We learned about Moses and each of the 10 plagues! We focused on the letter I and tied it into the insects of the plagues. Our kids love God's Little Explorers.

Plague 1: Water to blood. This was a huge hit and I can't believe I didn't get a picture! I prepared a little red cup by putting a couple drops of red food coloring in the bottom, and then filled a clear glass with tap water. I had the kids come over, and each pour a bit of water into the red cup until it was all in the red cup. Then I {very dramatically} poured the water back into the clear glass, and you should have seen their faces! It was priceless, and I felt like a magician. It was such a cool way to start off the plagues and the kids jumped right in. In fact, I had planned on spreading them out a few days, but they were so into it, we burned through them all in one sitting! When the kids are having fun, roll with it!

Plague 2: Frogs. We hopped around and talked about what it would be like to not even be able to take a step without accidentally stepping on one!

Plague 3: Lice. We pretended to itch ourselves silly. Itching each other, rolling on the floor giggling because we were itching each other turned into tickling pretty fast :) 

Plague 4:  Flies. We took turns with the fly swatter, and pretended to smack a bunch of flies. It's hard to see in the picture below, but our swatter is blue, you can see how into this the kids got. Olive is in full swing, trying to swat those dots on the floor!

Plague 5: Death of Livestock. We took out our pretend animals, set them all up, and then we knocked them down. We talked about how sad this would be and how it would also take away important food sources! No cows! No milk! Oh No! {We pretended our lions were cows}

Plague 6: Boils.We pretended that our skin had boils all over it! We wrapped our feet up with "bandages" and pretended we were hurt from all the boils!

Plague 7: Hail. We balled up pieces of paper and thew them in the air. We talked about how big hail can get and how it can damage our belongings, like houses and cars.

Plague 8: Locusts. {Or grasshoppers} We made egg carton locusts, or grasshoppers. The kids insisted that we NOT put eyes on them. I have clue why, but these little handmade toys are holding up surprisingly well and have been played with several times since. Always a bonus around here! 

Plague 9: Darkness. We used blindfolds and tried to clean up the room {after all there were bugs and hail and bandages everywhere!}. We talked about how much we rely on the sun to light our day.

Plague 10: Death of Firstborn. We used dry paintbrushes to pretend paint on our front door. We talked about how sad it was for the Egyptians to lose so many people because they didn't obey God's commands. We discussed how painting "blood" on our door was a symbol that we are God's people, and we will obey Him.

This was such a huge success with the kids, and to be honest, I learned a lot too! I knew some of the plagues, but acting them out like that really threw me in to the story, and I am thankful we don't have to worry about such hardships! 

As if that wasn't fun enough, this week, we also decorated some bug jars and went in our own front yard to collect some crickets. I did a bit of research beforehand, and learned that crickets pretty much just survive on moldy grass, so we grabbed some handfuls of that and made ourselves a little habitat! {I punched holes in the lids the day before} 

As lucky as we are to have an over-abundance of crickets in our yard, it was extremely easy for me to catch a few! You can hardly take a step in our yard without 5 or 6 jumping out of the way. So we invited some to spend the night...

Can you see him in the picture above? Just above the E. They did awesome overnight and then we released them the next day. It was super fun to see the kids pass by the jars and look for them to make sure they were doing all right.

When we released them, the kids made sure to instruct them to find their family and friends :)

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Preschool/Pre-K {Week 6}

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Week 6, we learned about Joseph and his colorful Tunic. We focused on the letter C and the all colors! 
We followed along Week 6 of God's Little Explorers curriculum! If you're looking for an easy, play based preschool curriculum, click on the banner below. Our kids love God's Little Explorers.

We made a coat of many colors and read the story of Joseph. We waited for them to dry before we cut them into cats and the kids loved putting them on!

I love how Eli and Olive each chose a different style. Olive's was covered in colorful dots and Eli's started out all different colors, but eh couldn't resist mixing it all together in the end!

We sorted beads by color in mini muffin pans.

Eli took his seriously, while Olive got a bit silly. She is still learning colors and this was a fantastic activity for her to match each one. 

We read Mouse Paint and did color mixing in a ziploc bag as we read. We used liquid watercolors since we were out of every other kind of paint. I think a tempera paint would have worked a lot better. 

 Either way, the kids had a blast with this activity. They would each takes turns squishing the colors around to mix it up. 

We watched Joseph: King of Dreams and glued scraps of fabric to a paper bag. We let it dry and turned them into Joseph puppets.

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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Preschool/Pre-K {Week 5}

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Week 5, we learned about tents and camping. We focused on the letter T and the story of Abraham! 
We followed along Week 5 of God's Little Explorers curriculum! If you're looking for an easy, play based preschool curriculum, click on the banner below. Our kids love God's Little Explorers.

We put up forts and a real tent and did most of our activities inside. Eli even had his "nap" time inside the real tent for a few days. (He really just played quietly because he hasn't taken a nap in ages!)

Everything went into the tent for play. Crayons, paper, trains, flashlights. Everything Eli could think of!

Unfortunately, I didn't take a bunch of pictures this week, I guess it just slipped my mind. But we had lots of fun with some of the suggested plan from God's Little Explorers.
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We played with flashlights and tried to shine through a paper bag to see a "t" inside the tent. A styrofoam cup would have worked better :)
We played a matching game with star stickers and the numeral to match. Eli really caught on to the idea of God's promise to Abraham during this game. He later built a Lego person and said "Look, it's Abraham's son!"